Wood Family Vineyards

13 Late Harvest Zinfandel

2013 Late Harvest Zinfandel
Livermore Valley

This Zinfandel was picked at 29 brix with some dehydrated berries to soak up a little more sugar and then fermented until it stopped at 4.5% residual sugar.  From the Smith Ranch, fairly central on the Livermore Valley floor, and is no longer in production.

 A rich, dark purple color and the intense aroma mission figs greet you immediately.  This aroma is perfectly complemented by the nutty sweetness of almond paste and golden brown pie crust.  On the palate, the ripe fig goes hand in hand with fresh raspberry, and with the berries comes a burst of acidity.  All of this with the perfect touch of sweetness.  Of course , as with all late harvest wines, there is substantial alcohol.  However, this wine has such a lovely balance of acid and sugar that it is more that you know it is there, than the actual taste of it. K The finish is lasting and there turn flavor makes me long for roasting chestnuts on a cold winter’s night..

Harvested on 10/26/13
3.78 pH, TA .78
Aged in 100% American Oak.
41 cases produced, 375 ml bottles  $20 / bottle